Kate Hudson Has Exchange Her Long Blonde Lures For A Gemimterd Short Coupe

is especially famous for her role in romcoms such as Bride Wars and How To Loose A Guy In Ten Days.At the moment she is taking recordings for the film ‘Sister’, a story by musician Sia about a sobrious drug dealer and his autistic sister.

This sounds like a serious script, and Kate has undergone a drastic makeover.She allowed her long blonde hair to millimeter and darken dye (or is it her natural color?): Something she definitely surprises thanks to her beautiful face.

Friday night the actress was spotted with friend Danny Fujikawa while she was on the way to an evolution for the Marshall movie.The outfit she wore was also a lot more daring than we used to her.She had a jumpsuit with a cutout showing the bottom of her breasts.

One thing is for sure: The sweet look of Kate Hudson is (for now) no more .

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